Dr. Stephen Kurer, BDS

Stephen KurerA third generation dentist, Dr. Kurer graduated from London University in 1987 and made aliyah in 1991. Dr. Kurer concentrates on rehabilitative dentistry, especially crowns and bridgework, implants and esthetics, and is a regular participant of the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dentistry in Florida, USA.

  • Founder and partner of KJJ Dental Office & Associates
  • Reserves in the Medical Corp – Israel Defense Force 1995-2013
  • Board Member Simon Weisenthal Center (Israel)
  • Qualified University of London 1987 BDS
  • UJS National Chairperson 1988

Dr. Stephen Kurer has been a participant in five continuums at The Pankey Institute For Advanced Dental Education USA.

He has been a guest lecturer at the Greater New York and Chicago Midwinter Dental Meetings (1998-2010), and a guest lecturer in Seoul, Korea 2013.

Dr. Kurer was Chairman of the Jerusalem Anglo-Saxon Dental Study Club 1995-2005. And, he is a Manchester United supporter!

Dr. Kurer lives in Talpiot, Jerusalem with his wife Alisa Odenheimer and their five children.