Drs. Yankel and Alice Gabet

Dr. Yankel and Dr. Alice were both born in France and made Aliyah in 1995. They studied dentistry together and graduated from the Hadassah School of Dentistry in Jerusalem.

sur nos dentistes francophonesDr. Yankel Gabet practice focuses on complex restorations and implant dentistry. He is also a scientist and has been researching bone metabolism and implants both at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at USC in Los Angeles for more than a decade. He has undergone a 2-years training course in Implant Prosthetics at the Implant Center of Hadassah School of Dentistry in Jerusalem and has a PhD in Implant Biology.

sur nos dentistes francophonesDr. Alice Kohn-Gabet is a gentle and caring dentist for all ages. Patients are very happy with her. She is certified in oral sedation for children and esthetic implant dentistry from the USC School of Dentistry where she taught in the Endodontics (root canal therapy) department for 3 years.

They have 4 children and 60 teeth to brush every day.